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     Contact the clan founders, elite members, or clan staff at their email addresses below. If you have a legitimate question, do not hesitate to ask, but please respect the privacy of the Maniacal Brothers. If by chance these contact addresses are abused, they will be removed from the site and the perpetrator(s) will be punitively dealt with.


BMB Quimby

BMB Reaper Charlie

BMB Uncle Josh

BMB Burnout

BMB Wizard

BMB Venom

BMB Unibomber

BMB Stinger

BMB Kiari

BMB Justman

BMB Scream

     If you wish to contact someone that is not on this contact list, then simply email with the name of the Maniacal Brother (i.e. "Reaper Charlie") in the subject title. With any luck, he or she will get back to you with a reply as soon as the message is read. The parties that are not listed wish to remain so in order to protect their own personal privacy. Please respect this, and be patient when waiting for a reply to such a request. If the message goes without an answer, it is nothing personal.

See also the Leetsauce Contact List!

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