BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

After a really long time (seriously, six years after it came out for Xbox!) the masterpiece known as Halo 2: Anniversary is FINALLY out on PC as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

Get it here, and prepare to enjoy yourself immensely:

See you in New Mombasa!


A collector of classic games and rare items who goes by the nickname Siberian GRemlin obtained a very early build of Red Alert through a contact of his. The real source of this discovery is unknown; it is quite possible this was an early QA or Playtest build for an event like E3 from 1996.

Five C&C enthusiasts (CCHyper, Nyerguds, Tore, TaxOwlBear and Chad1233) decided to band together and obtain a real treasure in C&C history and share it with the whole C&C community; they decided this was something the community really needed to experience and explore, so they contacted Siberian GRemlin, and came to a deal, so they could share this treasure!

July 25, 2019


EA (booo, hissss) has finally done something right, and is bringing members of the original Command & Conquer team back together to remaster the original Command & Conquer game (a.k.a. C&C 1995 or Tiberian Dawn) as well as C&C: Red Alert and C&C 2: Tiberian Sun!!!

They got the rights to the original source code, they got back a number of the original designers and programmers (now working at Petroglyph Games), and they even got back Frank Klepacki to do the music! The one constant throughout the entire series, Joe Kucan (the actor for Kane), has also confirmed his involvement!

This is epic news. EPIC, I SAY.


FlameHeart and NeMustang faced down in this gargantuan Direct Strike 1v1 battle for the record books. Instead of just hundreds of thousands, these scores hit the millions for mineral value killed and lost.

Of note is that this match was the third of three 1v1 matches (one for each race, in mirror match-ups of Zerg-vs-Zerg, Protoss-vs-Protoss, and finally, Terran-vs-Terran), in which FlameHeart came out victorious each time, crowning himself as the best Direct Strike player of the Band of Maniacal Brothers. Huzzah!

Oh man. This game lasted for 44 minutes and 23 seconds, and was a total whopper of a game. Cortana (AlmightyPush), fishbord and I started as triple Terran and tried to cheese our way to victory with fast Battlecruisers and Thors, but it didn’t work out very well, so we had to transition to a normal strategy where we just played the long game. The game lasted so long and started lagging so slowly that one of the opposing team, Swarm, left the game. SHADOW and <NACA> DBO stuck around until the end, and we didn’t get to bed until after 5 am… I’m dead X_X.

This may be one for the record books. I haven’t had a game lag this slowly since I used to play the old legacy version of Desert Strike back in 2011, back on the original arcade in the first release of Wings of Liberty.

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