BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Welcome to the new home of the Band of Maniacal Brothers, the BoMB Headquarters. We made the site more user-friendly and feature-based, and obviously better-looking, thanks to the technical genius of a few people whom I won’t mention right now because everyone knows that they are uberl337 and mentioning them would only stain their names with my newb words. We also have some l337 new backgrounds for you to sport on your desktop! Also, we’ve officially split the Maniacal Brothers into divisions, like the Counter-Strike division (perhaps soon to be the ‘Counter-Strike Source: Pro Mod’ division, the Halo 2 Division (soon to be Halo 3 division! w00t), the Unreal division, the RPG division, and the RTS division. A rumor of a Battlefield 2 division is in the works but it is still very much up in the air, and absolutely nothing is set in stone regarding that.

But wait, there’s more. The illustrious and extremely prestigious Band of Maniacal Brothers, however cautious we may seem in our matches, still prefer to live real life on the edge; we are offering a few open spots on our roster to be filled by unknown up-and-comers. You may come from any region of the earth, from any political or social background, and from any race or nationality, to come and join us, the Maniacal Brothers, in plotting world domination! The only requirements are that you must have a good attitude, team spirit, lust for blood, broadband internet, and five bucks. (jklolz) The deal is, just head over to the ‘Join’ Page and fill out the form, and you will be well on your way to enlisting within the ranks of the most feared Brotherhood since the 1964 uprising in Chicago by the Holman Confederation! (which didn’t exist…. effectively making us the most feared Brotherhood ever! Muahahahahaha!).

The Band of Maniacal Brothers have just recently added a ‘Clan page’ and ‘Group page’ for the Halo 2 Division! This is to promote improved communication between Xbox Live clan members regarding clan matches and/or weekly practice times. The Halo 2 ‘Clan page‘ is simply a list of the clan members, with each name being a link to their unique Xbox Live Halo 2 profile. This is located at, and displays your clan standing as well as your playing level. The Halo 2 ‘Group page‘ is a news site that includes a forum and is thoroughly integrated into’s Halo 2/Xbox Live network. It will allow the Halo 2 Division to keep in contact directly through There are links to the Halo 2 Clan page and Halo 2 Group page on the top of the right column, under the heading “BoMB Projects.” We encourage the BoMB Halo 2 members to join the group, because it integrates the user directly into the Halo 2 system, seamlessly bridging the gap between console and computer as only Bungie could.

(To view these pages you must sign in to Bungie with a .Net passport.)


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