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Site News

The BoMB Forums are almost complete, and the transaction regarding the database transfer from the old site is currently underway. Also of note is the addition of the new “Store” page on the site. This will be used to sell shirts, hats, T-shirts, and other merchandise to the public. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the BoMB Store, please direct them to Charlie, the webmaster and all-around situation-handler. For contact information please visit the Contact page.

Game News

Half-Life 2: Episode One is nearing completion and so far is looking great. To see the trailer and promo art for this sure-to-be-breathtaking addition to Half-Life 2, just visit In this game, the story continues past the point where the Citadel in the center of City 17 explodes. Gordon and Alyx miraculously survive, thanks to the strange powers of the G-man, Gordon’s mysterious boss. From the trailer, it seems as if you get to do some more of Gordon’s trademark butt kicking, and you get to fight along Alyx and her ‘pet,’ Dog. The Combine try to stop you once again as you attempt to disrupt their plans for the planet Earth, but everyone really knows that there’s no way that Gordon will let that happen.

Prepare to fight this June as Half-Life 2: Episode One is released online via Valve’s internet-distribution program, Steam. As for myself, I’ve already preloaded and updated the whole game, and I’m just waiting for the release date to roll around and for my game files to be unlocked by Valve. Long live Gordon Freeman!


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