BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Site News

The Band of Maniacal Brothers will have another new subdomain up very soon! (By the time you read this, it will probably already be up!) The domain is located at the web address and is a Spirit West Coast 2006 Contact List! Spirit West Coast was amazingly good and all of the Maniacal Brothers who attended (Quimby, Charlie, Venom, Warrior X, and others) enjoyed it thoroughly. The new subdomain is comprised of a contact list which was compiled with the help of Badger Hunter and Josh Kasper, and it will be open to new entries daily, so if you have questions or comments regarding this new feature on the BoMB site, please just type up an email to Charlie, and he will respond quickly and hospitably.

Server News

Team Blacknights has a new server! Although it is mainly for members of their clan, Trooper, their representative to our clan, has opened up a new world of opportunity for us BoMB Brothaz by inviting us to go play on their server! Also, if I happen to be in the server, I will have admin powers! (yea, that’s me.) Meanwhilst, you all go have fun making some impossibly skillful headshots at ‘ | East Coast Fraghouse’ @ IP:, and make friends with the BK guys while you’re there! Peace out.


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