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LAN News

BMB_Stinger is hosting a late-December LAN party in the San Francisco Bay Area, to fall on the dates of December 28th and 29th! The games being played will include Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft (w/Broodwar), Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Warcraft III (w/The Frozen Throne), Unreal Tournament 2004, Half-Life Deathmatch, Jedi Outcast, and for Xbox360, Halo 2 and Gears of War! The LAN will last all night, and will most likely be the largest LAN ever hosted by the Band of Maniacal Brothers.

Need to Know:

  • Time: December 28th @ 3:30pm to December 29th @ 9:15am
  • Exact location: 517 Marine View Ste. C, Belmont, 94002
  • Registration fee: $10
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer), including:
    • Computerbox, monitor, keyboard, mouse, power cables, etc.
    • Microphone (required for team-based gameplay)
    • IMPORTANT! Bring your own LAN cable! (10ft. minimum)
    • IMPORTANT! Bring headphones! NO SPEAKERS ALLOWED!
    • IMPORTANT! Bring a plug strip! These are NOT provided!
  • Other Important Info: First and foremost, bring a good attitude, and a clean mouth! Those who do not abide by house rules will be forcibly and abusively thrown out by the house bouncers, and forfeit all chances of winning any competitions. They will also forfeit their body limbs, including (but not limited to) arms, legs, and head.

Site News

Nebulous Firefight is nearing release, pending submission of finalized material from BMB_Quimby, and last-touch coding changes by BMB_Reaper_Charlie. The redirect URL for the site will be for those interested parties.


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