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The Band of Maniacal Brothers are proud to present: …

Nebulous Firefight –
Nebulous Firefight is a chronicling of the many tales of Daniel Turner, from the least to the greatest,
from the radically redundant to the ragingly ridiculous, from the bold and brash to the beautiful and
brilliantly brutal.

Complex Metropolis –
Complex Metropolis is the dark region where Joe Weaver will showcase his works of fiction and fact, of
fidelity and falsehood, and of penetrating perseverence in the face of all odds. A compilation of monstrous

Reaper Charlie vs Quimby –
Reaper Charlie vs Quimby is the magnificent tale of the legendary face/off between the
two great powers in the world, Quimby Mugatufagatala, defender of the free world, and
Reaper Charlie, part-time terrorist extraordinaire.

These domains are under construction and will soon be released to the public!

Peace out.


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