BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Employment News

Charlie now works for a company called Meridian Web Design, as does his beautiful wife, Black Sniper. This is a small website design company located in San Ramon, CA. San Ramon is also the home of a pretty deece skate park, I am hearing over the news. Well that is, the news of my brain.

Website News

  • The Divisions Page (and correspondingly, all member images) have been updated to include Halo 3 instead of Halo 2, and StarCraft 2 instead of StarCraft.

Division News

Following the release of the highly-anticipated Orange Box last week, it has been proposed that the Band of Maniacal Brothers close the World of WarCraft Division, and open a Team Fortress 2 Division. Whether this move will be met with cheers or jeers remains to be seen, but such a bold move is sure to be met both with rabid praise and a cacophony of whining.

Fare thee well…


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