BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Recruiting News

spark_tnThe BoMB Spark Team is recruiting new players! This new Spark team has risen from the ashes of the old ARC Team which played many years ago. If you wanna try out for the team, you can either complete an app here, or talk to me personally on the Spark-HQ forums or in the Spark game lobby. If you have no idea what Spark even is, you can download this action-packed game for free at Spark Headquarters (

BoMB Clan News

The Band of Maniacal Brothers have been entered into Central Outpost’s ongoing Best Clans tournament. Our rank is displayed on the image to the right. To support BoMB in this tournament, simply click the image, and then click the next page to vote. You may do this once every six hours! Come on people! Lets get BoMB to the top! 🙂

Website News

We have released a few new project websites,, and a fan site for the game Spark, called

For more information about the game of Spark, you can view the ‘History’ link on Spark Realm. That site is a resource website for Spark players who want to download content such as maps, patches, wallpapers, icons, etc. The site also helps new players learn to play better, and teaches players how to create their own downloadable content for the game. Not all aspects of the site are finished yet, and not everything is implemented yet, but there is, however, a link which provides you with the option to suggest features… so use it! is somewhat less exciting, though it still serves its purpose. It serves as a home base for a few of my various web endeavours, such as my design company, my portfolio, a link to this website (the prestigious gaming clan owned by R.I.C.H. Daniel and run by the Mixmasta RC) and a link to some of my other projects (which right now only links to Spark Realm because I have not finished the ‘projects’ section yet). Feel free to browse around 🙂

See you all around!

I may or may not be going to Africa next month with the Marines, so I may not talk to you until July!


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