BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers
September 15, 2008

Website News

Welcome to the brand-new Spark Division website. A few of you guys asked for a Spark-only BoMB website that wasn’t so cluttered with the other divisions’ junk, so I listened. Below is a guide of how to navigate your way around the site:

  • BoMB Menu – These links navigate around the BoMB Spark mini-site.
  • BoMB Login – This link signs you directly into the BoMB Spark forums.
  • Vote for BoMB – Vote for BoMB on Central Outpost! Vote every 6 hours.
  • Quick Links – These links will direct you to commonly-used Spark sites.
  • Member Profiles – A roster list which also links to member profiles.

I hope you find this site easily navigable and fully-functioned for our clan’s purposes. As our Spark team becomes ever more serious about fielding new players, practicing for league matches, and battling other clans in clanwars on a regular basis, there will be more and more of a reason to come to this website. For your convenience, I have also included the most recent post from the BoMB frontpage below, which also has some important information in it.

Player News

Congratulations to proJect and fr33k who will be our new Team Leaders, and also to our newest member Asterisk for making a spot on the BoMB Spark Team!

As our team grows and new members grow to fill spots of authority and responsibility in the clan, I look forward to seeing each of you strive to be worthy of filling in the shoes of the position above you. Loyalty and excellence WILL be rewarded in BoMB, and as members are promoted according to their actions, they may need a replacement. If you fit the bill, it is likely you will be promoted.


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