BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

BoMB Clan News

The BoMB Spark Team will now be known as ‘BoMB.Spark’ when we’re talking about the team on this website. The other divisions are now known as BoMB.CS, BoMB.Halo, BoMB.Gears, BoMB.Unreal, BoMB.WoW, BoMB.SC, and we round out the crew as BoMB.Spark. Enjoy!

League News

SPL Scout League, also known as SSL, has finally decided to kick off! We open this weekend (the 22nd) with two games, against NoF on Saturday at 1pm EST and against LN on Sunday at 3pm EST. Make sure to be practicing, and if you know some members who haven’t been practicing, and have in fact been inactive, or just screwing around in Basewarz or Smear… make sure to get them active and in fighting shape! For more info about BoMB.Spark’s SSL schedule, lineup, clan ranking, or player stats, click on the SSL Schedule & Stats link on the the menu to the left.

Website News

The forums link on the side now goes to the forums of the entire BoMB clan! That’s cause I want you guys to mingle with everyone else and get used to the rest of the forums as well! I’ve also added BoMB.Spark Contact (which is how you can get in contact with anyone in BoMB.Spark, Recruiting Guidelines, and our SSL Schedule & Stats to the menu on the left.

Player News

We will most likely be picking up a few new recruits before the kick-off of SSL, so keep your fingers crossed and we’ll see if we can make a splash in SSL for its first season.

Also, again, make sure to check out our members’ mini-profiles on the Roster and Profiles page by clicking on their names to the right. If you want your picture and info on that page, visit the BoMB.Spark Contact page and reply to the thread.


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