BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers
November 21, 2008

The first weekend of SPL Scout League was a mixed bag for BoMB.Spark. Our first game was a complete 3-0 victory versus a surprised =NoF=. Our starters were proJect, valve, RareOps, and Empirus, with INsIgNIa subbing for Empirus after the first cap (due to Empirus having to leave). Congratulations to the team, and to RareOps, who picked up the MVP! View the game’s stats here…

Our second game was entirely different. None of our regular starters showed up except proJect. Our newest brother Empirus, who starts when our others are away, was our only other power player who made it to the game. But due to =LN= showing their top line, and some crazy lag issues, we were defeated 0-3. Congrats to Epi of =LN=, who was named MVP of that game. View the game’s stats here…


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