BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers
December 5, 2008

BoMB.Spark didn’t fare so well over the last 3 weeks of SSL, and we rounded out the season with 1-11, the same record as last league (ISL). However, we’ve learned a lot as a clan, and are actually doing much better together.

We picked up and lost about 20 members over the course of SSL, and though we will miss those who are gone, we will also pee on their graves and shout contemptible words as they batter our tanks while wearing other clans’ tags.

The best we can do from here is to fall back, regroup, and launch another attack next league! Our new team leaders, FingerS and INsIgNIa, should be very helpful in the area of organizing practices and making sure everyone gets to games on time! Get active on the forums, and prepare to kick some tail!

Chop til you drop!


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