BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers
BoMB at Intel LANFest in Sacramento CA in October 2012

BoMB at Intel LANFest in Sacramento
October 2012

The Band of Maniacal Brothers were started many years ago by BMB Quimby and BMB Reaper Charlie, famed legends of their profession, well known throughout many different corners of the world. The clan soon grew to epic proportions, employing gamers from all over the earth. The Band of Maniacal Brothers grew in skill and number until they became untouchable in competition, unapproachable in regard to their miraculous team cohesion. During these days, the Maniacal Brothers saw their list of sponsors and allied teams grow immensely, and great wins were accomplished at many international tournaments. Quimby and Reaper Charlie, satisfied that they had completed their task of creating the unbeatable cyber force, retired from the world of online gaming. Years went by, and with the move from online killing to real-life gladiateur, many of the weaker Brothers were mercilessly slaughtered by jealous rivals hoping to make names for themselves; bettering them in a fast-paced game of life and death, in which the smallest mistake meant forever.

The newfound leaders of the Maniacal Brothers noticed that their list of skilled players grew shorter every day, while their enemies grew thicker and stronger by the hour. They realized that there was only one path to renewed victory, and they must act fast in order to avoid being completely obliterated. They called Quimby and Reaper Charlie back from retirement once again to the bloody and brutal lifestyle that the New Order of the Maniacal Brothers had entered into. Quimby and Reaper Charlie immediately accepted the challenge, and once reinstated into underground tournament rotation, tore into the competition like savage wolves slaughtering helpless sheep. A great cry was heard in the world that Quimby the Great had returned with his fearless Brother, Reaper Charlie. Murmurs echoed around the world that the original Maniacal Brothers were back from the grave of retirement, returned to dominate in an arena from which they had once disappeared, but the rumors were ‘unfounded and probably untrue,’ reported the eSports and Cyber News Networks.

Finally, Quimby and Charlie officially entered their clan in an international multisport bloodfest, the most prestigious in the world, the Tournament of Champions. As could have been expected, chaos ensued when the media found out who was hosting the Maniacal Brothers in their hope for conquest. The tournament was brutal. Large numbers of less powerful clans were completely exterminated, bad memories that only déjà vu could bring back to existence. The number of casualties was astronomical. Many members of the Maniacal Brothers were killed in the later rounds, victims of ruthless powerhouse contestants from huge rival groups that opposed the Brothers. In the semi-finals, one of the original Brothers named Guardian, also a close friend of Charlie, took an entire clip in the face and upper chest, and did not rise from the arena. Charlie’s blood boiled, and he swore upon the wounds of his dead comrade that he would bring home the victory for the Maniacal Brothers.

In the final round, the tension was incalculable. As the match started, the spectators held their breaths in awe as each player was cautious to no end, determined not to let down his team. Quimby and Charlie had picked Venom, Stinger, and The Conundrum as their final teammates in what could very possibly have been their last battle. Their team relied heavily on Venom’s quick trigger finger, Stinger’s calm reflexes and steady aim, and The Conundrum’s sheer brutality. Quimby and Charlie stuck together while the other three Maniacal Brothers went off in another direction in search of enemy blood. Venom was the first to make contact. He saw an unwitting opponent with his back turned, checking around a corner for safety’s sake, as he and The Conundrum plowed around the corner, ready for anything. The enemy’s teammate had seen Venom at almost the same second, and just as Venom blew the head off of his prey, the second opponent fired a toxic bolt through Venom’s chest, pinning him to a wall nearly twenty feet away, nearly dead. In a blind rage, The Conundrum charged the enemy firing everything that he had, and when his clip was depleted, he threw his weapon aside and tore the enemy limb from limb with his bare hands. Unfortunately, though he saw red, and plenty of it, spurting from the appendages of the dismembered remains that lay before him, it was the last thing he was to see. A quick crack resounded, and The Conundrum’s head snapped back as a round of gigantic caliber ripped through his brain. The enemy sniper’s bullet had found its mark. He dropped to the ground in a puddle of his own blood, just before a second and third shot rang out. Stinger had been lurking in the shadows directly behind him and with his quick wit and sharp eye, he’d managed to hit the enemy sniper once in his left arm and once in his chest, knocking him from his perch, where he fell to the rocky ground twenty feet below. Stinger held his aim on the spot where the enemy had disappeared, but not a soul was to be seen. Quickly he rushed over to Venom and helped him down. He carefully removed the bolt from his chest, and administered an antidote to the poisonous wound. He then dragged Venom to a place of safety behind some rocky ruins, and left his phaser rifle leaning on his chest. Then he sneaked off in search of Quimby and Reaper Charlie.

Five minutes later he found them, almost on the opposite side of the arena, and was nearly killed when he came around the corner. Quimby had a rifle pointed at his head before Stinger had even known he was there. Charlie was right next to Quimby, wielding his trusty assault rifles. Quimby quickly grabbed Stinger and pulled him around the corner. Stinger sprawled on the ground, exclaiming in anger, and then he saw what Quimby had no doubt guessed. Right behind him, with a raised knife and about to strike, was the injured sniper. Quimby’s rifle burrowed straight into the sniper’s midsection, and Quimby pulled and held down the trigger. Round after round ripped through the sniper’s already-injured body, shattering the silence that had enshrouded his advance on Stinger. He had been poised to brutally stab Stinger in the back, until Quimby had yanked Stinger out of range, then mercilessly destroyed his torso. A small gasp escaped from his mortal lips as he fell to the ground motionless, eyes vacant. Stinger exchanged a silent look of thanks with Quimby, and motioned that two Brothers were down, while this kill made three for them. They were now ahead of their opposition by one man.

They spread out and formed a small battle perimeter as they slowly advanced towards the center of the arena where their enemy would no doubt be waiting for them in secluded positions. Charlie peeked around a corner into the large open area in the center of the arena, where all the ruined statues and cracked pillars cast shadows enough for a legion of men to hide in them. As soon as his head was visible from the other side, a crack was heard, followed by the high-pitched whine of a recharging phaser rifle, as Charlie ducked back around the corner. Stinger was guarding their six, while Quimby faced front with Charlie. Charlie stepped back a few feet, chose a large rock from the ground and tossed it high, where it cleared the twenty foot rock wall and landed far away from the wall on the other side. At the exact same time, Quimby jumped forward into a tactical roll, using the diversion of the rock’s impact as a momentary cover for immediate action. As Quimby and Charlie had silently planned, the opponent who had shot at Charlie was momentarily distracted, and this gave Quimby just enough time to complete his roll, come up into a kneeling position, and pump the nearby enemy full of lead. He yelled in pain and anguish as he fell to the ground, body still twitching. Just then a powerful BOOM! was heard. Blood spouted from Quimby’s stomach as a large armor piercing round went straight through his kevlar body armor and penetrated straight through his body. Quimby fell behind a large rock as Charlie jumped out screaming, both guns blazing. The enemy who had shot Quimby ducked into a small room with many high windows. Charlie rolled on the ground next to Quimby’s fallen body, and picked up Quimby’s weapon. He activated the grenade launcher attachment and shouldered it with lightning speed. A soft whump was heard followed by a low whistling as the grenade round followed a small arc through the air towards its target. The round went through one of the windows of the enemy’s refuge, and bounced down to the ground. A sickening scream of horror was heard in the second before it detonated. The building disintegrated; fire and smoke filled the air. Charlie was thrown back violently, and debris flew everywhere as the explosion erupted, blasting their final opponent into oblivion.

When the smoke had cleared and everyone could see again, Charlie lifted up Quimby and put him across his shoulders, anxious to get him to medical attention. He turned to Stinger and asked him who else was alive. Stinger told him of The Conundrum’s valiant last stand, and that Venom was nearly dead, lying hundreds of yards away on the other end of the arena. They rushed to where Venom lay, and after Charlie let Quimby down, he raised Venom to his feet so that all four of them faced each other. There was a moment of silence for the comrades that had given their lives so that their Brothers might triumph. They stood together and raised their fists to the sky, shouting a victory cry at the top of their lungs, “Band of Maniacal Brothers!” The cry echoed into the air, and the roaring masses of spectators viewing from all around the world slowly fell silent. At long last, their fallen Brothers’ deaths had been avenged.