BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Here the Band of Maniacal Brothers will shamelessly peddle promotion tools to the masses, much akin to a wise monk spreading sage advice to peons in a castle town, or a large carcass providing nourishment to so many birds of carrion.

In all seriousness, The Band of Maniacal Brothers wishes to provide any and all means of media that the masses demand, and would greatly desire said masses (this includes you!) to feel free to contact them with requests for the release of more media, or even with media of their own that they have so lovingly constructed for the exclusive use of the Band of Maniacal Brothers and their followers.

And now, let’s dispense with the pleasantries, and get to the point. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for… These ain’t no slashers, folks. These are the purebreeds. Here are the nominees for Male Model of the Year.