BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

I am reviving the StarCraft II division!

Mostly I just wanna play Desert Strike, haha. I’m gonna start inviting people when they show me they can be cool for extended periods of time, and not be rageaholics. Meanwhilst, if you’re already a BoMB member, and you wanna play Desert Strike with me, hop on SCII with me, and let’s do it!

Desert Strike is a StarCraft II Custom Map in the Arcade section, which is a ton of fun for hours on end. Read the full post to learn more about the game!

As it turns out, I have indeed decided to head up a new StarCraft II division. The sad news is that for now it’ll be a StarCraft II division only that I run. I’ve decided I’m not going to pursue re-forming any other divisions at this time, mostly due to me being pretty busy. Even though I’m very interested in playing CS and TF2, I just don’t have the hours of the day to devote to playing three different games on any sort of a competitive level. If someone else (i.e. Unibomber, Venom) is interested in restarting another division (i.e. Counter-Strike, Halo), then as always, let me know and I will make things happen! 🙂