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Finally! Halo 3 has been added to The Master Chief Collection on PC, instead of just existing on consoles!

Almost thirteen years after I originally experienced this wonderful game (in the far simpler days of my youth), I am now finally able to have this experience again. Though the differences between Halo 3’s original Xbox 360 version and this new PC version on Steam don’t hold a candle to the magnitude of the changes made to Halo 2: Anniversary, I quite frankly don’t care.

I can remember countless hours spent playing this game; the multiple playthroughs of the campaign on Legendary difficulty, first solo, then co-op with my best friend, and the zillions of multiplayer matches trying to get the best scores above all my online friends. There were so many maps! The ones that shipped with the game, then the Heroic Map Pack, Legendary Map Pack, Mythic Map Pack, Mythic Map Pack II, and of course we played in the Forge and made some really great creations, and watched it all back in bullet-time in the Theater.

What a great game. One of the best games of all time. Maybe THE best.

I’ve missed you, old friend.


After a really long time (seriously, six years after it came out for Xbox!) the masterpiece known as Halo 2: Anniversary is FINALLY out on PC as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

Get it here, and prepare to enjoy yourself immensely: Halo 2 Anniversary on Steam

See you in New Mombasa!